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1 Jun 2022 | 15:15 | [email protected]

For immediate release 01/06/2022

“We’re Here For You” Local Charity Reassures parents.

Award winning parent and infant mental health and wellbeing charity, DorPIP are shocked by the events unfolding in Ukraine.  Founder Viv Allen says “We are concerned for everyone who is fleeing from the appalling attacks. We are especially concerned for the welfare of unborn babies, young infants and their parents. We would like to encourage asylum seekers and refugees from around the world to enquire about the suitability of our service to support their family bonds as they resettle here in Dorset.”

As the humanitarian crisis continues in Ukraine, DorPIP are committed to ensuring our support to the families who have fled their war-torn country. War destroys the basic needs for life, shelter, food, water, health care and school. This makes it difficult for parents to provide infants with an environment that promotes their emotional and social wellbeing.

The first 1001 days are crucial for baby’s development that sets the trajectory for a lifetime of health and happiness. Infants rely on their parents to provide for their needs of care, empathy, attention and love. Trauma inhibits the natural flow of love which often disrupts the ability for parents and their babies to bond. Parents are understandably preoccupied with protecting their family from the chaos and danger war brings, potentially leading them to become emotionally unavailable while preoccupied with a basic instinct to survive.  

Supporting parents is essential as parents' mental health impacts their ability to develop a healthy and secure bond with their baby and attune to their child's emotions. 

DorPIP acts as a bridge between infant and carer, focusing on strengthening the relationship a parent has with their baby. 

DorPIP are here to help and support parents and their children through a range of therapeutic services such as psychotherapy, infant massage, and peer support groups.  As a local and independent charity, supported solely by grants and kind donations, DorPIP can provide services universally. We work to empower and guide parents through their baby’s infanthood. Our service is open to all. Self-referrals welcomed.

If you are hosting a refugee visitor from Ukraine or know someone who is, please reach out to us today so we can help to improve the lives of very young children.  Our service is open from conception to aged two for anyone who is struggling with parenthood.

If you need support or know someone who does, please reach out to DorPIP today.  

[email protected] 

Editors Note: We are an award-winning attachment parenting service that specialise in the infant-parent relationship. We support expectant parents right to when baby is aged two with talking therapy, infant massage and peer support groups to nurture a safe and secure relationship with their infants - helping to give children the best possible start in life. If you feel you need gentle, confidential support to talk about the challenges of being a parent, please look at our website for more information