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7 Jul 2019 | 15:15 | Jan Gnapp

In our latest blog Cherry from Chilling with Mama tells us all about the benefits of yoga and why it's important to take some you time and give yourself a little self-care.

We live in a pressurised world, where people believe that they have to constantly push themselves to the limits.

Yoga is non-competitive and the focus is on doing the best you can manage, on that day. The emphasis is on the trying. This helps to build self-acceptance and appreciation for yourself; something you’re never too young or old to do!

It’s a lovely activity to do with your baby or child- they can look at your face, watch you move, be held and incorporated into poses. It’s fun! We give kisses, blow raspberries and sniff their little heads. They get undivided Mum time, when Mum is feeling relaxed.

Yoga gets the endorphins going; so, it helps you feel happy! It’s a safe, gentle exercise, tailored specifically for the bodies and minds of children, babies, or new Mums. For example, in postnatal yoga, we work slowly to help ‘close’ all the muscles that have stretched during pregnancy, including strengthening the pelvic floor. In children’s classes, it’s about getting them used to understanding how their body moves and how to work in groups, respecting one another.

Classes have a relaxed atmosphere, which helps improve concentration, reducing physical and mental stress. The savasana (relaxation) at the end of class helps your body to fully rest and recharge. It’s great to do solo but is also a nice activity to be able to do with babies and small children, because it teaches them calming techniques through breathing and visualisation; emptying the mind of anxious thoughts. I do this with my 3-year-old; we call it ‘starfish relaxation’. He lies on the bed with his arms and legs spread, imagining he’s a starfish on the sand, looking up at the beautiful blue sky, listening to the waves. ‘Breathe in and feel your tummy rising up towards the sky, breathe out and feel your tummy sink down towards the sand.’

Give it a try!

Cherry Brennan, Chilling with Mama

Cherry Brennan, Chilling with Mama