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3 Apr 2021 | 14:14 | [email protected]

For immediate release: 03/04/2021

Update on Parliament Debate: Impact of Domestic Abuse on Babies and Unborn Babies

DorPIP recently signed an open letter written by Sally Hogg, Coordinator of the First 1001 Days Movement. The letter was addressed to Baroness Stroud and peers who debated the impact of domestic abuse on babies starting in utero and the need to support parents in their baby’s first 1001 days of life. Although the legislation wasn’t changed during the parliament debate, the Minister assures that the statutory guidance will be strengthened. Baroness Stroud referred to the importance of early intervention and gave the commitment that the very youngest will not be forgotten. Positive cross-party support was received for the measures on the bill.  

The First 1001 Days Twitter account tweeted ‘So brilliant to see members of the Lords championing the needs of babies in the Domestic Abuse Bill debate. Thank you all for working to ensure this Bill isn’t another #BabyBlindSpot.'  

Sally Hogg, who describes herself as ‘passionate about the wellbeing of babies and their families’, is looking for more support as we begin to understand the impact of lockdown on babies. ‘We don't yet have evidence from research to understand the ways in which the pandemic and lockdown have affected babies, but there is a strong case to take the impact seriously, particularly for the most vulnerable babies.’.  

Although research hasn’t yet been fully completed, it has become evident that domestic abuse has increased through lockdown. The number of reported cases increased by 9% compared to the previous year according and the figures are thought to be higher including unreported incidents.   

DorPIP (the Dorset Parent Infant Partnership), founded by Viv Allen in 2017, is doing all it can to support families to form safe, secure relationships with their infants from conception to age two. 

 “DorPIP works holistically with families, statutory providers and third sector organisations to provide early help in the community, through specialist parent-infant therapy that is not available elsewhere” Says Viv Allen. “Families are seen by our multidisciplinary team according to their needs and goals for improving the parent infant relationship. This may be a combination of counselling, group infant massage classes and peer lead support groups.” 



Viv Allen (Founder & CEO) -  telephone number 07813989707 or email: [email protected] 

Notes to Editors: 

About DorPip  - DorPip (Dorset Infant Parent Partnership) is a local charity based in Dorset whose aim is to support parents in developing a healthy and secure attachment between themselves and their baby, creating a secure base for infants as they grow. The first 1001 days of a child’s life is a crucial window of opportunity where experiences and behaviours towards them will impact outcomes throughout their lifetime, effecting their cognitive and emotional development. 

DorPIP uses a network of specialist therapists, trained in working in parent infant relationships from conception to aged two. The service is for anyone who is struggling with the transition to parenthood and how this may have affected the family relationship dynamics. That relationship might be parent and child, or parent and parent which in turn affects the child and the child’s mental wellbeing.

Registered Charity Number: 117587