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15 Aug 2019 | 15:15 | Jan Gnapp

In our latest blog we hear from Troberg Baby Box on their solution to being more environmentally friendly when buying baby clothes...

In a world that is becoming more environmentally conscious and friendly, how we purchase and discard of clothes is becoming ever more important. With terms like ‘fast fashion’ and ‘reduce your carbon footprint’ we all know how important it is to sustainably supply clothes.

As a parent this can be incredibly difficult, especially when trying to keep up with the irregular growth spurts kids go through! Growth spurts can happen at any time, meaning new wardrobes need to be sorted within weeks of each other. As a parent, how can you try and be environmentally friendly but provide your baby with the best clothes?

Troberg Baby Box is a new way of shopping for baby clothes that focuses on a circular economy where parents rent baby clothes rather than purchase, saving money, time and the environment. TBB helps parents in two really important ways. First, it provides a platform of sharing clothes, avoiding ‘dumping’ out-grown clothes. Second, it helps new parents prepare for the arrival of their baby, taking away all the thinking and worrying.

The way it works is simple. Sign up to the subscription and receive the first box of clothes right to your door. Use them for as long as you need and swap them for the next size up. The box is based on a simple brand to match the simple life we are trying to create.

There are no time restrictions when it comes to the items, simply return and swap as and when needed. And when you no longer need them, we take away the hassle and help protect the environment by reducing each clothing items carbon footprint.

A simple and new way of being environmentally conscious, dealing with how quickly kids grow out of clothes, and help you prepare for your new family member.

Felicia Troberg, Troberg Baby Box

A Troberg Baby Box