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6 Mar 2020 | 17:17 | Jan Gnapp

Little girl hugging herself and gigglingWhen we are talking about wellbeing we are talking about a balanced way of living our lives. We are also talking about joy and happiness which both seem so hard to achieve at times. But what if we could find something within us that could guide us through this process of achieving joy and happiness? I do believe that the kindness within us can be our trusted guide helping us enjoying our lives.

Being kind to ourselves helps us to rediscover the joy of being and living an emotionally stable life. The recognition of our weaknesses regarding our emotional safety has a very positive impact on our lives as it shows us what we need in order to feel emotionally safe. When we are emotionally safe we can feel ourselves as a whole, we are connected to our inner power and we can contain and integrate all our emotions knowing that we are ”home”. What is “home” for you when you think of emotional safety?  Be curious about what it is happening within you when you are connected to your kindness and you spread this kindness towards your loved ones. Explore that amazing feeling of contentment and safety and that will bring you back “home”. “Home” is where we feel safe and contained, free to explore and  grow.

Let’s start by setting up a goal of being kind to ourselves and notice how we spread this kindness around us. We are all connected and we all need to feel safe in order to have a balanced and enjoyable life.  
Let your kindness be your guide to wellbeing! 

By Cristina Butnaru, DorPIP Parent-Infant Psychotherapist