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13 May 2021 | 14:14 | [email protected]

For immediate release: 13/05/2021

Local Family Charity Preparing for the Return of Face-to-Face Support

After Pandemic Leaves Parents Anxious 

Local Dorset charity, DorPip saw the return of in person support in April in Wimborne. Due to the global pandemic, last year face-to-face had to suddenly cease and alter to online provision. With the government’s newly released roadmap out of lockdown, DorPip can now offer that all important support in person yet again.   

There are many parents who will be currently struggling with emotions due to the global pandemic. After a year full of lockdowns, tiers and restrictions, it’s no wonder that they are finding it a challenge to find the joy in being a parent right now. With more parents suffering with their mental health, this can potentially have an impact on their relationship with their baby.  

Parents may also be feeling anxious about the roadmap out of lockdown, as so much uncertainty still lies ahead. DorPip is here to help and support you. The baby massage classes are now available in person. Easing back into an open world, with a new baby, will be challenging for some. DorPIP services are there to help those who need that extra support as life returns.  

Our Parent infant talking therapy will remain on-line as this has been hugely successful since we are able to deliver our deeply personal service right into parent’s home. Geography and transport are no longer a barrier to accessing much needed support. 

Founder, Viv Allen says “At DorPIP we work with parents and their babies over a series of one-to-one sessions, helping them understand and work through some of their worries and concerns. In taking the time to think about feelings, and finding ways to communicate and enjoy each other, we can help families flourish.” 



Viv Allen (Founder & CEO) -  telephone number 07813989707 or email: [email protected] 

Notes to Editors: 

About DorPip  - DorPip (Dorset Infant Parent Partnership) is a local charity based in Dorset whose aim is to support parents in developing a healthy and secure attachment between themselves and their baby, creating a secure base for infants as they grow. The first 1001 days of a child’s life is a crucial window of opportunity where experiences and behaviours towards them will impact outcomes throughout their lifetime, effecting their cognitive and emotional development. 

DorPIP uses a network of specialist therapists, trained in working in parent infant relationships from conception to aged two. The service is for anyone who is struggling with the transition to parenthood and how this may have affected the family relationship dynamics. That relationship might be parent and child, or parent and parent which in turn affects the child and the child’s mental wellbeing.

Registered Charity Number: 117587