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1 Jun 2023 | 16:16 | [email protected]

Lighting up Lives and helping families flourish


Let's shine a spotlight on an extraordinary group of individuals who are making a tremendous impact through their service and dedication. We're talking about DorPIP volunteers – the unsung heroes who selflessly invest their time, energy, and boundless compassion to create positive change in the lives of families. So, grab a cup of tea and join me as we delve into the profound importance of DorPIP volunteers and the transformative power they possess in building stronger and more nurturing communities.
“It is a delight to be able to volunteer for DorPIP to assist in infant massage classes, knowing the positive difference they can make to family life and well being. Giving a child strong ‘roots’ (by aiding bonding and attachment) will help them in ‘the storms of life’ so I get a great sense of achievement as well as joy, and can think of no better way to spend a few hours a week. I feel privileged to be there.” - DorPIP Volunteer Rosie.

Building Stronger Community Bonds:
Our volunteers are the heart and soul of community engagement at DorPIP. By creating a safe and welcoming space for families to connect in our peer support groups, our volunteers foster a sense of belonging, instilling hope, and reminding us that our parenting struggles are normal, bringing us all together. Through their collective action, they promote a vibrant culture of volunteerism that ripples through society, breaking down social barriers, and creating safe spaces for supportive conversations and understanding. Their efforts strengthen community bonds, nurturing a shared sense of pride and responsibility that can enable us all to flourish.

Personal Growth and Skill Development:
Volunteering at DorPIP isn't just about helping others; it's a journey of personal growth and skill development too! Our volunteers gain new skills, expand their knowledge base, and develop invaluable traits such as empathy, communication, and teamwork. By stepping out of their comfort zones, they gain fresh perspectives and build resilience!

Ripple Effects of Inspiration:
The impact of DorPIP volunteers extends far beyond the families they serve. Their dedication and selflessness serve as a beacon of inspiration, setting off a ripple effect that spreads throughout our community. By sharing their stories and experiences, DorPIP volunteers motivate others to become agents of change, amplifying the collective impact on a larger scale. This incredible domino effect fuels a culture of support, where individuals recognise their own capacity to make a difference and actively engage in community-building efforts.

Are you passionate about making a positive impact in the lives of families? Have you been inspired to volunteer? We invite you to join our team of dedicated volunteers at DorPIP! As a volunteer, you will have the opportunity to make a meaningful difference in the lives of families in need, promoting mental health, strengthening parent-child relationships, and building stronger communities. Whether you have experience in counselling, childcare, or simply a listening ear to offer, we welcome individuals from all walks of life.

We understand that lots of people have busy schedules, and worry they don’t have the time to commit to volunteering. That's why we offer micro-volunteering opportunities, allowing you to make a big impact in just a little time. Micro-volunteering is a flexible and convenient way to contribute to our cause, even if you have limited availability. Whether you have a spare 15 minutes during your lunch break or a few hours on the weekend, you can still make a meaningful difference.

Our micro-volunteering options are designed to fit seamlessly into your daily life. You can participate in tasks such as sharing our social media posts, spreading awareness about our programs, writing a testimonial, or offering your skills in graphic design or content creation. These small acts of kindness may seem simple, but they play a crucial role in amplifying our reach and impact.
By engaging in micro-volunteering, you become part of a collective effort to support families and promote positive parenting. Your contributions, no matter how small, help create a ripple effect of change.

To find out more about our volunteering opportunities and how you can get involved and become part of the DorPIP team, please visit :

We want to express our heartfelt gratitude to the remarkable volunteers who make up the DorPIP family. Their impact on families in need and the wider community is immeasurable, and their value is truly priceless. Through their selfless dedication, DorPIP volunteers embody compassion, empathy, and the transformative power of human connection, inspiring us all to be better parents. As we recognise and appreciate the tireless efforts of our volunteers, let's not forget our own potential to make a difference. Together, we can build stronger flourishing families.