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Turlin Moor Family Hub, Wednesday 5th June  – Wednesday 17th July (10:00-11:30) facilitated by Claire, DorPIP's Health Visitor.

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Little Pips Peer Support Group

Our peer support groups

We know how isolating it can be with a baby and it can be tough experiencing this especially when we know it takes a village to raise a child. Our facilitated peer support groups are a wonderful opportunity to connect with other Mums and Dads and help your little one to enhance their emotional, physical and developmental health.

The groups offer a space for your baby to be with other babies, helping their early socialisation by showing them how to be with others and to learn to build relationships. The groups also give you the opportunity to meet other parents in a similar situation and for you all to explore different topics each week. The varying themes aim to improve relationships, because happy parents have happy babies; who are then able to achieve optimum health, wellbeing and achievements over their life time

Little Pips Peer Support Group by DorPIP

Why Little Pips?

Our support groups are led by fully trained professionals who can provide you with expert advice and information on a wide range of topics including:

- relationship building

- infant communication & language

- social & emotional development

- self care

- sensory play

- understanding baby’s cues

- growing together

Here's what you can expect when you attend a Little Pips group:

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#Flourish with DorPIP  

Often we find that families love to keep in touch with each other, or parents want to reach out to those who may have been through similar experiences.  

With this in mind, we've set up a members-only online and community group on Facebook.

The group aims to provide a welcoming space for expecting and new parents to share their ideas, thoughts and experiences of pregnancy, birth and beyond.   

It is a private, nurturing space where parents support each other.