Our Mission

To help families flourish, through attachment led therapeutic services and workforce development in the vital importance of the first 1001 days, to build foundations for healthy, happy and fulfilled lives.

Our Vision

To help create a society, in which babies can flourish through sensitive, attuned parenting, early bonding and healthy attachment, to give children the best start in life.

Our Values


Our objectives... 

  • To help parents and primary carers form a more secure attachment with their baby through psychotherapeutic intervention, infant massage classes and parent support groups 

  • To promote the importance of early attachment and investment in very early relationships, in order to improve life outcomes for children. In particular DorPIP will raise awareness amongst professionals, commissioners, investors, and policy makers 

  • To educate other professionals in supporting secure attachments between infants and their primary carers, through the identification of attachment difficulties and promoting the methods used to facilitate better attachments 

  • To routinely monitor the outcomes of our services with clients, ensuring the best quality of service is provided for babies and their families. 

Supporting families in Dorset 

DorPIP works holistically with families from conception to two years of age, statutory providers and third sector organisations in order to provide early help in the community through specialist parent-infant therapy that is unavailable elsewhere.  

Families are seen by our multidisciplinary team according to their needs and goals for improving the parent infant relationship. This may be a combination of counselling, group infant massage classes and peer-led support groups. 

Why our work is so important 

A baby’s earliest relationship with their primary care givers is the most significant. It is likely to impact physical and mental health over the course of their life, affecting their personality, friendships and work patterns.  

The first 1001 days of a child’s life is a window of opportunity to impact on health outcomes throughout their lifespan, including long-term implications for the child’s cognitive and emotional development and their resilience to stress.  

Our targeted early intervention is aimed at prevention of unintentional harm. By treating the root cause, rather than the effects that adverse childhood experiences have on individuals, we can improve the life chances of infants and thus help improve society as a whole. 

Community Based 

We are community based, working through Children Centres, GP's premises and other third sector partners, embedded within the conurbations of Dorset. Our services can also be accessed online, enabling us to reach out to all families within the county.   

Charitable Interest Organisation 

We are a Charitable Interest Organisation. The management and organisational arrangements are overseen by DorPIP Trustees and the Steering Group.