Support for families in Dorset, from conception to two years old

Sometimes becoming a parent, or being pregnant, doesn't go the way we thought it would. For some reason it doesn't feel right, and it's hard to work out why the expected feelings - the ones we're told we should be experiencing - just aren't there. We begin to question our ability to be a good-enough parent and wonder if things will ever change. 

Just by being on this website, you're a step closer to feeling how you want to feel. 

Having a baby is one of the most significant life events we can experience. It's often a source of great happiness, but, for a variety of reasons, can also sometimes be unexpectedly difficult. You may be asking: 

  • why is being a new parent more difficult than I thought? 

  • have I got post-natal depression (PND)? 

  • why haven't I bonded with my baby? 

  • what are the baby blues? 

  • why do I feel so sad and stressed? 

  • when does becoming a parent get easier? 

Or you may be asking yourself questions about your baby: 

  • why does my baby cry all the time? 

  • why won't my baby sleep? 

  • Is my baby happy? 

  • does my baby like me? 

  • is my baby really ok, and is this really what being a parent is all about? 

If any of these strike a chord, or you have questions of your own, we're here to help you find the answers.   

DorPIP can offer you the right kind of support, because we know how it feels - we are parents ourselves.  

Our services are always confidential and discrete - and we're always on your side.  

We want take care of you, so you can take care of your baby in the best possible way you can. 

About DorPIP

Our services - available to families from conception to two years of age

We offer specialised parent-infant relationship counselling, attachment-led infant massage classes and online support.  

You're welcome to take part in one or all of these, and we can guide you in understanding which might be most helpful.


It's good to know

It may seem unlikely right now, but it is possible to enjoy parenthood more.  

Take a deep breath and relax... You are not alone. We've got your back. 

You may feel guilty for having confusing or unwanted feelings, but please don't worry.  There is nothing wrong with you or your baby.  And you're not a bad parent for feeling this way. 

There are many factors which could be contributing to how you're currently feeling.  Tiredness is certainly a big one, and all new parents experience significant sleep deprivation; or at the very least disruption. Other factors that can come into play include: circumstances at home, work, family, the delivery you experienced. Sometimes becoming a parent brings up thoughts and feelings about your past; or memories of things that were perhaps lacking in your own childhood.   

All these things can then impact on how you bond, love and feel attached to your little one. Sometimes bonding occurs immediately; sometimes it doesn't – and that's okay. It's a process that might take a bit of time as you get used to each other. And we can help smooth that process for the two of you.  

Through our unique parent infant services we can empower you to feel strong and secure in yourself and as a parent. You've got this, Mum and Dad! You can ride that parenting roller coaster and begin to have loads of love, laughter and fun along the way. With a helping hand.

What others say

Working with Viv has been life changing. She's helped me to identify the areas of my life that needed attention, which was hard to see as I was so exhausted. My self-care has improved, my life feels richer and more rewarding. All because I was able to break the cycle and focus on the most important part of my life: my baby! We are so much happier now as a family.


It has completely changed my life. I feel so happy to have Bella and Jacob, so we can be a family again. I couldn’t really see how bad I was, but Parent Infant Psychotherapy was the essential aid to my recovery and now I totally love being a parent. I think I would have lost Bella into care if it hadn’t been for this unique service.


My advice would be to talk – to other dads, or a therapist if you feel you’re struggling. You need someone to listen and not judge you for how you’re feeling. Once you start talking, it’s amazing how many other dads have been in a similar situation and can relate to what you’re going through. And, trust me, it’s all worth it. Getting home from work and seeing my wife and daughter… every day, it just makes my heart melt.


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